The [HAS HEART] Coffee Shop is more than just a coffee shop within a beautiful historic building, it has become a home base for the community. Located on the park grounds of the Grand Rapids Veterans Memorial Park, this historic building was transformed into the connector of the past and present as a conduit for conversations and relationships between veterans and civilians.

Through a partnership with the Grand Rapids Parks and RecreationMadcap Coffee, and many others, [HAS HEART] is able to continue to fulfill its mission of bringing worlds together through art, design, and now: coffee.

Curious about what this building once looked like and was used for? Visit our “Reno Process” page to take a historic stroll back from when it was built in the 1920s and its step-by-step revitalization process into the HAS HEART Coffee Shop.

LOCATION: Veterans Memorial Park, 22 Sheldon Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI
OPENING DATE: November 11, 2023




[HAS HEART] is a Michigan-based, registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (“Fashion Has Heart,” EIN: 45-2609530) founded by 8-year U.S. Navy veteran Michael Hyacinthe and artist/designer Tyler Way. They first met over a cup of coffee in 2010 and quickly discovered the disconnect between their two worlds but felt the need to do something about it.

They further realized the power of creative collaboration once Michael met a local quadriplegic Marine who collected t-shirts but lost the ability to speak from his injuries in Iraq. Tyler worked with the Marine to co-create a design that shared his message (view project), and it was such a powerful process, that they’ve continued to pair Veterans with designers ever since.

Each HERO[series] project consists of a two-day design process in which a designer helps translate a Veteran’s story through graphic art. [HAS HEART] thoughtfully documents this powerful creative process through photos, videos, and written stories that can be shared, displayed, and exhibited to enable the average person to engage with and better understand a Veteran’s story of service and sacrifice.

Each of the meaningful HERO[series] designs are produced into US-made products through unique collaborations with brands such as Starbucks, Airstream, Alpha Industries, and more. A percentage of proceeds benefit the Veteran while also further enabling [HAS HEART] to share another’s Veteran’s story. 



After five years of conducting these powerful collaborative design projects with very few resources and a small team of volunteers, [HAS HEART] believed the best way to impact more Veterans, enlist more creatives, and reach more civilians would be to take the HERO[series] across the country themselves.

Tyler and his wife Kendra Clapp Olguín quit their careers in the fashion industry, purchased an Airstream trailer to live and work in, and leased a truck to tow themselves across the country.

With the help of a few key partners to launch the tour (AIGA, Alpha Industries, Schultz Family Foundation), they hit the road in July 2017 to partner a Veteran with a graphic designer in all fifty states, capturing their two-day collaborative design process, writing the Veteran’s story, and documenting their personal journey along the way. 





Between July 2017-December 2018, we drove over 44,742 miles to 39 states where we’ve been able to conduct 41 projects, and work with 50 Veterans and 123 creatives.

Our initial funds managed to get us this far, but since January 2019, we were forced to pause the tour indefinitely. We need your help to finish raising the final $100,000 needed to finish the tour and complete this nationwide mission.

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