• 100% Cotton
  • Cotton Dyed in California
  • Assembled in Mexico
  • Printed in Grand Rapids, Michigan


PROJECT: 2016 HERO[series]
LOCATION: Detroit, Michigan

VETERAN: Joseph Green
BRANCH: U.S. Marines

DESIGNER: Kyle Berryman


Joseph has experienced decades of trauma, illness, and breakdown of Veterans’ bodies first-hand, both physically and mentally.

His design seeks to bring awareness of the cyclical pattern among generations of Veterans from feeling “passed off” in the government system along with a lack of empathy the general public has for Veterans. Encrypted in Morse Code reads, “Challenging Yourself to Help” and “History is Cyclical,” a word of caution for civilians to have a greater humanitarian respect for Veterans in order to avoid the mistakes once made towards his generation of Vietnam-era Veterans. The DNA strand represents the past, present, and future of Veterans’ mental and physical health that we can help repair through greater support, empathy, and by providing the proper resources to heal.