• 1.9in wide x 3.0in height
  • Made in USA by Sticker Mule
  • Durable die-cut vinyl
  • Protected from scratches, rain, sunlight
  • 25% of proceeds benefit Anthony


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VETERAN: Anthony Marquez
BRANCH: U.S. Marines

ARTIST: Fish McGill
INSTAGRAM: @fishmcgill

VIDEOGRAPHER: Richard Fomo, Fomo Video
PHOTOGRAPHER: Ajai Bharadwaj, Ajai B Photography

WORKSPACE: Fish McGill Studio
PARTNERS: AIGA BostonThey Fought We Ride


U.S. Marine Veteran Anthony Marquez and designer Fish McGill collaborated to create the design “XVII,” a stylized interpretation of the chainsaw carvings Anthony was inspired to create as a way to honor the 17 Marines his unit lost during his last deployment in 2011 in Sangin, Afghanistan.

Driven by the desire to honor the fallen and their Gold Star families, Anthony learned how to carve in 2016 and immediately pursued his newly-found purpose to carve 17 Battlefield Crosses in honor of those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Beginning with a large log reclaimed from a fallen tree, Anthony carves out and personalizes each carving to commemorate the fallen and then drives all over the country to hand-deliver it to the Gold Star family at their home or the gravesite of their Marine.

Inspired by the personal memorial display Anthony built in his own home, Fish presented the Battlefield Cross carving in front of a Gold Star and U.S. flag in a rugged, hand-etched style that symbolizes the compassion that drives Anthony to create each carving for his fellow Marines and their families, making sure to let them know that their sacrifice and loss will never be forgotten or fade away in time.