WANTED: Donated Uniforms

[HAS HEART] is asking the community to donate their excess battle dress uniforms (BDUs) and other military-issued items to be repurposed into bench cushions and staff aprons in the Coffee Shop.

HAS HEART Speaks to U.S. House of Representatives Committee

HAS HEART’s U.S. Navy veteran Co-Founder, Michael Hyacinthe, was asked to share his story of service and entrepreneurial experience with the U.S. House of Representative Committee on Small Business in Washington D.C.

Coffee Shop Renovations Update 04

The drywall, mudding, and bar build-out starts inside while the outdoor patio work begins at the HAS HEART Coffee Shop.

Coffee Shop Renovations Update 03

The plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems have all been upgraded and replaced as the drywall starts to be applied inside the HAS HEART Coffee Shop.

Coffee Shop Renovations Update 02

Progress is happening in the HAS HEART Coffee Shop, including a renovation preview for local media coverage of the space.

Coffee Shop Renovations Update 01

After more than 5 years of planning, fundraising, and dreaming of opening the HAS HEART Coffee Shop, the walls are coming down, and renovations are underway.

2022 “Voices” Exhibit at ArtPrize

HAS HEART Co-Founder/CEO Michael Hyacinthe and Artist/Curator Pamela Alderman discuss the second annual Voices veteran artist program featured at ArtPrize 2022 at Veterans Memorial Park in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.


[HAS HEART] is proud to showcase the first, of hopefully many, art museum exhibits of the 50 States: Veterans + Artists United working tour. The Saugatuck Center for the Arts has invited [HAS HEART] to premier the work-in-progress tour from October 22 – December 22, 2021.


Military families tie yellow ribbons around trees to support soldiers returning home. Expanding this tradition as an artist, military mom, and veteran’s wife, Pamela Alderman designed The Yellow Ribbon Project to honor our veterans.

At the initial Voices installation at ArtPrize 2021, visitors in Grand Rapids, Michigan, wrote 10,000 yellow ribbon notes to encourage deployed soldiers and veterans.


In partnership with Detroit Habitat for Humanity, [HAS HEART] paired Vietnam U.S. Navy Veteran Byron Tucker and Detroit Pistons in-house graphic designer Alex Trajkovski at the Pistons practice facility in downtown Detroit.