[$480,250 RAISED OF $500K GOAL]

After 10+ years of moving from temporary pop-up site to site, [HAS HEART] has the opportunity to establish a coffee shop and retail space in the heart of Grand Rapids, MI, on the grounds of the very meaningful and beautiful Veterans Memorial Park. This full-time space will become a community gathering place for Veterans and civilians to interact with one another on a daily basis.


[$143,283 RAISED OF $250K GOAL]

Realizing the power the HERO[series] projects were having on the community, [HAS HEART] set out to bring this same impact to every united State. Originally on the road from 2017-2019, this mission is currently paused while we pursue the funding required to finish the final 11 states. However, stay connected for more updates including an upcoming art exhibit at Saugatuck Center for the Arts.