[HAS HEART] is proud, honored, and excited to officially announce our apparel partnership with American military heritage brand, Alpha Industries.

When we first initiated this 50 States project concept, Alpha Industries was our ideal apparel partner to help us bring these Veterans’ stories to life. They were the first partner we pitched this project to when it was still early in its development. Their team immediately understood our vision and grasped the significance of impact it could have on Veterans and civilians across the country. With their support early on, we knew we could do embark on this tour.

In addition to a cash sponsorship to help fund numerous state projects (including New York, Virginia, Tennessee, and Washington D.C.), Alpha will be working closely with our team throughout the tour to produce, distribute, market, and share these 50+ designs and stories. As a young, self-started non-profit organization, having the recognition from a brand like Alpha in our corner plays a significant role in enabling us to attract the talent and resources needed to accomplish a HERO[series] project in each state.

To commemorate the beginning of our partnership, Alpha Industries launched the Alpha x [HAS HEART] Capsule Collection featuring HERO[series] designs that were produced into t-shirts, embroidered patches, and limited edition MA-1 flight jackets.

The collection will continue to grow as more designs and state projects are being completed, produced, and uploaded — so be sure to subscribe to our email newsletter for updates!