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After six years of conducting annual HERO[series] projects, we decided that the best way to impact more Veterans, creatives, and civilians was to take it across the country ourselves. Hitting the road in July 2017 with a targeted completion date in Summer 2019, Tyler Way and Kendra Clapp of [HAS HEART] and their cat Noel are traveling state-to-state to partner one Veteran with one designer in each state.

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Originally united over a cup of coffee in 2010, 8-year U.S. Navy Veteran Michael Hyacinthe and artist/designer Tyler Way quickly discovered the disconnect between their two worlds. Soon after meeting, they realized the power of the creative process once Michael met a local quadriplegic Marine who loved t-shirts.

When Michael asked if he would be interested in designing one himself, the Marine grinned from ear-to-ear. Immediately Michael called-up Tyler to partner with the Marine to co-create a design that shared his story. Since then, the HERO[series] has continued to pair Veterans with designers for the shared mission to tell their story through the mediums of art, design, and fashion.

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