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Veterans & Civilians Girl in a jacket

Veterans & Civilians Girl in a jacket


See designs, and stories that will inspire with powerful narratives through the collaboration of artists and veteran.


Community engagement is a focal point for HAS HEART. Fostering meaningful connections in the neighborhood and through the US.

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The Hero[Series] is a Veteran-and-designer collaboration. Creating meaningful design that represents each Veteran’s story and message.

Their design is produced into American-made products accompanied with the purpose behind it in order to enable the community to support each Veteran and help further share their story with those around them.

"Be Bold"

After years of feeling subdued, Army Veteran Judith Burger does not have the time or energy to remain silent. Fiercely against apathy, Judith encourages others to speak their truth by being bold.

"Guiding Ethos"

In her 26 years of service, Monique Brown is as dedicated to the mission, community, & Warrior Ethos of the Army as anyone could be. Combining this commitment to the importance of spirituality that provides her positivity, strength, & guidance, Monique has devoted her life to helping others through love.


Inspired by the Haitian flag and its message of strength in unity, the Kintsugi art of repairing broken pottery with gold, and the intent of dazzle camouflage to stand out rather than blend in, U.S. Navy Veteran Darrel Charles and graphic designer Brittany Ballinger collaborated to create the design “L’Union.”


U.S. Navy Veteran Bob Williams – AKA “Willard” — and graphic designer Andrew Barton collaborated to create “Chase,” an illustrative depiction of Bob’s fun-loving and adventurous nature.

"Love Like This"

U.S. Army Veteran Bobby Carrasquillo and graphic designer Scott Brinkley collaborated to create “Love Like This,” a creative depiction of the enduring bond and brotherhood Bobby experienced while serving two tours in Iraq.

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Designs that make an impact and tell a story of that veterans and artists create together.
Has Heart is a nonprofit organization

Co-founded by a Girl in a jacket US Navy Veteran & a Designer

Co-founded by a Girl in a jacket US Navy Veteran & a Designer

after they first met over coffee in 2010.

For the past 10+ years, we’ve been partnering veterans with designers to help share their stories through art & design. 

Ways You Can Support Girl in a jacket

Ways You Can Support Girl in a jacket

Has Heart is a nonprofit organization

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Your donations directly impact the lives of veterans around the US and allows us to continue on our mission of telling their stories.

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After several years of partnering veterans with designers locally in Grand Rapids, MI, [HAS HEART] was determined to create a greater impact throughout the US. [HAS HEART] was on the road from 2017-2019, taking its HERO[series] project concept across the country, partnering a veteran with a designer in every state.

Thus far, the project has reached 39 states, completed 41 projects, has worked with 50 veterans and 123 creatives, and has launched 15 designs. By 2025, [HAS HEART] hopes to visit the remaining 11 states.