Hitting the road in July 2017, [HAS HEART] Co-Founder/Creative Director, Tyler Way and Communications Director (and his wife), Kendra Clapp Olguín (and their cat Noel) will be living and working on the road, traveling from state-to-state to partner one Veteran with one artist in all fifty states with the mission to share each Veteran’s story through the mediums of art, design, and fashion.

The creative processes and nationwide travels will be documented and shared through online updates and collaborative product releases. Each state project will yield:

Once the 18-month journey is complete, the 50+ designs and their stories will be compiled and published into a coffee table book, curated into a traveling art museum exhibit, and produced into a collection of American-made consumer products whose proceeds will benefit the Veterans who co-designed them.

The apparel partner for the “50 States: Veterans + Artists United” project is military heritage brand, Alpha Industries. Since 1959, Alpha Industries has produced iconic military flight jackets and vests for DOD contracts and has since become an international fashion brand. They will be working alongside [HAS HEART] throughout the duration of the tour to co-produce and distribute the Veterans’ designs and stories, which will be produced and printed in the USA.