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Founded over a cup of coffee shared between

A Veteran Met An Artist

The Veteran

Meet Michael Hyacinthe

The Artist

Meet Tyler Way


U.S. Navy Veteran, Michael Hyacinthe was introduced to artist & designer, Tyler Way in 2010. Once they met for coffee, they soon realized the divide between their respective Veteran and creative communities living and working in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This first conversation over coffee led them to bridge the divide by utilizing the power of art, design, and the creative process to bring their two worlds together.

At a local Veterans event, Michael met a wounded U.S. Marine & his full-time nurse. Paralyzed from the neck down & unable to speak due to injuries suffered in Iraq, the young Marine shared his story through a special alphanumeric communication code that was translated with the aid of his nurse. Michael learned of his love of t-shirts and asked the Marine if he would like to design his own. Seeing the larger-than-life grin come across his face, Michael called Tyler to see if they could design a shirt together.

From that first t-shirt design & its powerful creative process, the HERO[series] was created: a Veteran partnered with an artist for the shared mission to tell their story through the mediums of art, design, & fashion.

Our Projects

Connecting People Through Art + Design

[HAS HEART] hit the road taking its HERO[SERIES] project across the U.S. Partnering a Veteran with a designer in every state.

Every collaboration of an artist and veteran ignites inspiration, fostering profound impact through design and connection. 

The Voices project enables creative Veterans to directly share and showcase their own personal work to the public.

Opening Date:

November 11, 2023


22 Sheldon Ave NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

The [HAS HEART] Coffee Shop is more than just a coffee shop within a beautiful historic building, it has become a home base for the community. Located on the park grounds of the Grand Rapids Veterans Memorial Park, this historic building was transformed into the connector of the past and present as a conduit for conversations and relationships between veterans and civilians.

Through a partnership with the Grand Rapids Parks and Recreation, Madcap Coffee, and many others, [HAS HEART] is able to continue to fulfill its mission of bringing worlds together through art, design, and now: coffee.

Curious about what this building once looked like and was used for? Visit our “Reno Process” page to take a historic stroll back from when it was built in the 1920s and its step-by-step revitalization process into the HAS HEART Coffee Shop.



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[HAS HEART] Press Releases

50 State Press Releases

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Press Release: STATE 06: PA – “The Best Time” (Available by Request)

Press Release: STATE 07: CT – “Believe

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Press Release: STATE 09: NJ – “And So It Goes” (Available by Request)

Press Release: STATE 10: MD – “Reflection

Press Release: STATE 11: VA – “Two Tales” (Available by Request)

Press Release: STATE 12: DE – “Untold Stories” (Available by Request)

Press Release: STATE 13: NC – “Love Like This” (Available by Request)

Press Release: STATE 14: SC – “Chase” (Available by Request)


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