Project Overview

PROJECT: 2016 HERO[series]
LOCATION: Detroit, Michigan

VETERAN: Ryan Groves
DESIGNER: Ana Alvarez

VIDEO: Josh BeebeRay Rushing
VENUE: Swords Into Plowshares
PARTNERS: AIGA DetroitDetroit BootsQuicken Loans

Design Story


Ryan has lived through dark times. He lost his leg, suffered a punctured lung, and has been close to dying on numerous occasions.

His design represents that we cannot truly appreciate the good times without also having lived through the bad times, and vice versa. The sun and the moon is a reinterpretation of yin and yang, how opposite forces can be complementary of each other. Ryan’s mission is to encourage civilians to get to know Veterans better, and vice versa. Through mutual respect and meaningful conversation, both sides can better support each other and live in harmony. In this way, the Latin motto “Semper Fi,” which translates to “Always faithful,” can represent a better balanced world for both Veterans and civilians to thrive in together.