As amazing as it is living and working on the road, it can be quite exhausting. I think the logistics behind our national tour could be comparable to cooking in a restaurant kitchen: trying to coordinate orders, working with fellow chefs, combining different ingredients, and ultimately, trying to create the best food and experience for your restaurant-goers.

So here we are, planning 50 project “orders,” reaching out to different Veterans, Veteran organizations, designers, AIGA chapters, creative agencies, photographers, videographers, companies, venue locations, etc., all while facilitating these state projects, attending events, following up on deliverables, creating content for our website, updating our social media, and trying to find a place to dump our poop. Whoa – the last one through you off there, didn’t it?

Let me back up. Living in an Airstream makes you think about things you may have taken for granted previously: location to sleep/where to park the trailer, water consumption, water waste, electricity, waste disposal – aka the stinky stuff. They are realities of living on the road and quickly become routine. However accustomed you become to the lifestyle, they are still daily thoughts and chores you attend to.

It seems like everyone is incredibly busy in this day and age and we’re no different. Yet, we do feel different. This is because Tyler and I were fortunate enough to have a custom CopPure mattress made for us.

When we first toured our Airstream, I remember laying on the bed and thinking, “Oh, boy. This is not going to work.” Fortunately, with my dad and brother-in-law running Grand Rapids Bedding, we had a hook up, including a factory tour as they were making our bed!