After over a year of planning, countless emails, pitches, grant applications, conference calls, and meetings, the day to hook up the Airstream and hit the road arrived. To relive how this project came to be, click back to our “Planning the Impossible” post from earlier.

Like anything extensive you plan for, you’re still not ready when the day comes. So, knowing we had time before our first state project of Vermont, we pushed back the launch date a few days. In retrospect, the days leading up to our departure seem like total blur of appointments and packing. Fortunately, we were in good company.

My parents’ house was chock-full of people. My aunt and cousins from Mexico were visiting so the house had a total of seven people living in it. Lucky for us, they all generously offered to help so we had seven pairs of hands put to work. Looking back on it, it truly was a special time that I’ll always remember: my father helping us put the [HAS HEART] decals on the Airstream, my mom and aunt doing loads of laundry for us because we were so busy, and my three younger cousins helping carry armfuls of things while packing up the trailer.