• 3.0in wide x 3.0in height
  • Made in USA by Sticker Mule
  • Durable die-cut vinyl
  • Protected from scratches, rain, sunlight
  • 25% of proceeds benefit Adeliz


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VETERAN: Adeliz Feliciano
BRANCH: U.S. Marines

ARTIST: Alfonso Fabrega
INSTAGRAM: @agfabrega

VIDEOGRAPHER: Miles Woodworth, Seacoast Flash
PHOTOGRAPHER:: Raya Al-Hashmi, Raya on Assignment

WORKSPACE: 3S Artspace
PARTNERS: Alpha Industries


U.S. Marine Veteran Adeliz Feliciano collaborated with designer Alfonso Fabrega on the design “Transform,” a visual representation of Adeliz’s personal transformation from a young, uncertain teenager entering the military into a strong, confident woman by the time she transitioned out into civilian life as a college student. While she can attribute many of her qualities and strengths to her experience serving as an Intelligence Analyst in the Marines from 2006-2015, her faith has ultimately been her guiding light.

Inspired by a section of verse that reads, “Perhaps you were born for a time such as this…” (Esther 4:14), Adeliz’s faith in God is a daily reminder to trust in His plan for her. Adeliz hopes her design and story encourages others that there is purpose behind the pain, but you have to commit to finding out what that purpose is and trust that all things can and will work together for your good — keep pressing, keep pushing, keep transforming.

Her personal life-changing transformation is represented by the ascending characters of an abstract symbol of woman (bottom) becoming the insignia of her rank (middle) that then leads to a crown (top). Now with a clearer understanding of who is she and what she stands for, the grid and cross in the background represent how Adeliz has been able to reflect on her experiences to see the greater blueprint God has for her life.