Project Overview

PROJECT: 2016 HERO[series]
LOCATION: Detroit, Michigan

VETERAN: Alesha Barron
BRANCH: U.S. Marines
DESIGNER: Julian RuckerTyler Way

VIDEO: Josh BeebeRay Rushing
VENUE: Swords Into Plowshares
PARTNERS: AIGA DetroitDetroit BootsQuicken Loans

Design Story


After experiencing a variety of traumatic ups and downs during her service in the Marines, including battling homelessness once she got out, Alesha was motivated to not let life control her any longer.

Her design contains a digital camouflage print scattered behind a flowing stream of water that builds into a tidal wave of emotions and overwhelming struggles. Inspired by one of Alesha’s most recent additions to her growing tattoo collection, the Latin phrase “Memento Vivere” translates to “Remember to Live,” a daily reminder to never forget to consciously choose to live life to the fullest. The flowers aid in helping us to pause, reflect, and “smell the roses.” We may not be able to control what life gives us, but we can decide how we react, respond, and move forward from it. Remember to live.