Project Overview

PROJECT: 2015 HERO[series]
LOCATION: Grand Rapids, Michigan

VETERAN: Larry Noragon
BRANCH: U.S. Marines
DESIGNER: Drew Vanderveen

VIDEO: Sawyer Thurston
VENUE: A.K. Rikk’s
PARTNERS: AIGA West Michigan, FLOR, Marx Moda

Design Story


Larry was drafted into the U.S. Marines where he served as a rifleman during the Vietnam War. Throughout his service, what mattered most was to get his buddies home safely, which is something he still carries with him to this day.

Within the design, the doves flying out from the war-hawk represents the desire to find peace amidst the dark memories of war. The struggle to communicate freely in order to achieve such peace is represented by redacted information, which Larry and other Veterans can sometime struggle with around family, friends, and civilians. While the pain and horror of war is impossible to erase, Larry’s design is an encouragement for Veterans to release some of their thoughts, feelings, and memories in an effort to find peace and a better balance within.